There is a shortage of women working in tech. This is not due to genetic predisposition, but a lack of role models and a cultural lore that women can't code. This is a project to change that.

My Nerd Story is a project dedicated to highlighting the ladies of tech and the diverse paths that brought us here. We are coders, founders, CEOs, and hobbyists sharing our stories in hopes of inspiring the next generation of women in technology.

Read inspiring stories from a diverse group of women in tech from different ethnic, economic, educational and cultural backgrounds.

Write your nerd story and become a role model, countering the misconceptions and stereotypes that hold many of us back.

Share this project with friends, family and colleagues -- especially with the young women and men who are the hope for a more gender-balanced future tech sector!

It Ran In The Family, But Wasn’t Inevitable

Selena Deckelmann :: Postgresql wrangler of petabytes of Firefox crash data

My Zig-zag Path to a Techcentric Career

Kate Ertmann :: Owner of ADi, a 3d animation company

Ham Radio, Atari, and UNIX

Dawn Foster :: Open source community manager for Puppet, formerly of Intel

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Lukas Blakk :: Release Manager for Mozilla Firefox